Setup submile with drupal code sniffer and autofixer

This is simple snippet to add php codesniffer and autofixer commands in sublime build. So whenever we are on some file we can simply run command+b to run sniffer and get result in sublime console and can run command+shift+b to choose between sniffer and autofixer.

For this we must have php code sniffer installed. If not then installed it by composer as:

composer install -g coder

Once we have it installed successfully, we can test it by try running phpcs by ~/.composer/vendor/bin/phpcs --help.

When everything looks fine then download the sublime-build file from and put this in User Package folder of sublime (in mac it could be found at ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3/Packages/). If you are not sure where the Package directory is then go to Preference->Browse Packages.

Now restart sublime and run command+shift+b , you should see DrupalCoder and DrupalCoder - Run as option.